Electrical and Pneumatic Automation Technology

Innovation from Tradition

Festo is more than a global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions. They are a trusted partner, helping our customers build better products, streamline production, and cut costs through innovation.

Today’s technological revolution is powered by engineering breakthroughs and transformative innovation, but it is defined by something far simpler… making life easier. At Festo, their mission is to make the world a more convenient, comfortable and efficient place. They are committed to the manufacturers who build the products, the men and women who need time-saving engineering tools and energy efficient components, in order to succeed.

For over 40 years in the U.S. (and 80 years globally), Festo has been fueled by the desire to help “build a better machine,” through a combination of innovative products, expert advice and, differentiated customer support. “They are driven by a desire to serve and an obligation to observe. To analyze. To inspire. To engineer with an intense focus on every last detail. To transform the way people work—and the way companies compete.”


to find the right one for your project

Festo Essentials

Everyday products for everyday standard tasks – these components are designed to offer high functionality, compactness, and excellent quality. This select range of products includes compact and robust valves, guided and mini slide units, compact cylinders, regulators, filter/regulators, and tubing. Festo essentials have short delivery times and competitive prices from one single source supplier.

Process Automation Configurator

There are endless ways to get your media from point A to point B. But there is only one best way. Festo’s Process Automation Configurator enables you to discover a custom solution for your process automation challenges.

Tubing & Fittings

Tubing PUN-H and push-in fitting QS are the perfect combination for many applications. They ensure the optimal, trouble-free operation of your systems at all times, are resistant to hydrolysis, and can be used in environments with high moisture levels.

Simplified Motion Series

The simplicity of pneumatics is now combined for the first time with the advantages of electric automation, thanks to the Simplified Motion Series. These integrated drives are the perfect answer for users looking for an electric alternative for simple movement tasks, while avoiding the complex commissioning process of traditional electric drive systems.