IRB 390 FlexPacker®

IRB 390 FlexPacker® Delta Robot
Opening new possibilities for ultra-fast high payload picking and packing

IRB 390 FlexPacker®

Meet the IRB 390

The IRB 390 FlexPacker is a ground-breaking innovation in Delta Robot technology. IRB 390 FlexPacker delta robot is designed for rapid changeover times that accompany the growth of low volume, high mix production to respond to the revolution of new consumer demands. It addresses the rising demand for Shelf Ready- (SRP) and Retail Ready packaging (RRP) by promoting shelf presence, enabling higher payload and flexibility while maintaining speed.

Key Features


5 axes capability increases application flexibility for Shelf Ready Packaging, parcel sorting, and bottle unscrambling.

Flexible handling

The variant with a 5th axis (10 kg) offers greater dexterity and flexibility than equivalent 4-axis (15 kg) robots, including the ability to vertically orient boxes and parcels, while achieving higher speeds than 6-axis units.

Increased Productivity

35% faster and 45% larger working volume*. Working seamlessly with ABB’s IRB 360 FlexPickerTM and PickMaster® Twin, ABB’s market leading robotic software for vision-guided random flow picking and packing applications, allowing the building of simulated packing stations to optimize the picking process.

Fast Performance

With its class leading cycle time performance, the IRB 390 can pick products from high-speed systems running at up to 100 m/min and place them into cases, trays, crates or other packaging formats.

Key industries and applications

Food & Beverage

With the ability to handle multipacks and vertically orient products such as juice cartons, the IRB 390 is ideal for food and beverage picking and packing applications. Objects can be selected from lines running at up to 100 meters per minute and place them into cases, trays, crates or other packaging mediums. The use of food grade lubricants and FDA compliant materials enable the IRB 390 to be used where there is proximity to open products.


Able to quickly sort, pick and place parcels, boxes and cartons of varying sizes, shapes and weights up to 15kg, the IRB 390 enables a wide variety of goods to be picked, packed and made ready for delivery in the shortest possible time. Its speed and flexibility offer a highly effective solution to meet the challenges of omnichannel retailing where goods need to be delivered in a variety of ways to a variety of customer types.


Built to meet FDA standards for use in hygienic environments, the IRB 390 can be used to sort, pick and pack a range of pharmaceutical products. With the ability to handle multiple products, it can pack complete layers into narrow cartons increasing quality and throughput and improving productivity.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The IRB 390’s combination of speed, flexibility and high payload capability makes it ideal for handling a full range of goods, including clothing, cosmetics and personal care, cleaning products and household products. With its enhanced throughput, the IRB 390 can help to reduce the time needed to pick, pack and despatch orders to customers, from retailers through to individuals.

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Technical data sheet

Introducing IRB390 FlexPacker 

ABB and P&G with New IRB 390 FlexPacker

IRB 390 FlexPacker®

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