Cobot Arc Welding Package

Complex welding at the touch of a button

Robotic welding is now within everyone’s reach with the revolutionary Cobot Arc Welding Package – an easy-to-use solution that empowers first-time robot users to create high-quality welding without the need for in-depth knowledge of robot programming.

Fitted on ABB’s award-winning GoFa™ Cobot, the Cobot Arc Welding Package is the first of its kind to enable users to program a robot without using a teach pendant. With the Easy Teach Device, users can automatically generate the programming code by simply guiding the robot’s arm along the welding path.

Key Benefits

Weld Easy

No code programming enables first-time robot users to weld without needing specific robotic skills

Upskill Your Workforce

Empower manual welders to easily automate simple weld jobs and focus on more value-added work

Weld Faster

Create welding sequences in less than 30 seconds, saving up to 70 percent of programming time with the auto-generated programming feature of the Easy Teach Device

Simplify Operations

All major operations are achieved with the easy-to-use device on the robot arm, making it simple and intuitive to use

Weld with Quality

GoFa’s unmatched position accuracy and industrial-grade welding software ensure high-quality output, every time

Easy to Buy

ABB is a single source for all major components incl. package, robot, gripper, and software, making it easy for anyone to buy and set up the device

What's in the package?

The compact and lightweight Cobot Arc Welding Package contains all the components, including the Easy Teach Device that are ready to be used to quickly set up the welding solution.

Downloads for CRB 15000

Located in Virginia?

Ready to up your production game with ABB’s Cobot Arc Welding Package? PennAir’s sister brand, Valley Fluid Components, is here to be your trusted partner. Whether you’re looking to enhance your automation capabilities or troubleshoot any issues, their team is fully equipped and ready to assist you in the Greater Virginia area.